Senin, 06 Maret 2017

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 25)

Farewell Party (Thursday 9, 2017)

Thursday, today is last day in the school and we are speaking in front of all the students and teachers to say good bye. Director of Satri Rachinuthit give certificate to us. sad to have to leave this school. I hope i can back to the school for teach again. 😂😂
Before we were to return to Dorm, kru invited us go to chinese town.
After a farewells at our school. we was invited by the Udon Thani Rajabhat University to meet with president of University. so happy to meet him, although just talk a little bit but is so fun and he given gift to us.
in the evening we held a Farewell party (dinner) together with university lecturers. This dinner was a farewell event created by the university specifically for us, when we are asked one by one to speak in front of all about the our experience when we are here and  describe our clothes because at that moment we were wearing traditional clothing form Indonesia. when we sing the national anthem (Indonesia Raya) at the time we were so moved and want to cry. I feel proud to be able to bring the good name of Indonesia to Thailand and bring the good name of my University, University of Makassar. very grateful we was given opportunity to join this program.

With Director of Satri Rachinuthit School

With My Mentor (Ms. Manisa)

English Department

The Last Lunch in The School

Chinese Town

President of Udon Thani Rajabhat University

Farewell party

Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 24)

Farewells with Teacher in Science Department (Wednesday 8, 2017)

Wednesday, today I am very sad and happy because the science department made me a farewell party. depertement head of science to give a gift to me and I was asked to give a farewell. At the time I really feel sad and I cried in the arms the head of the science department.

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 23)

Reflection 2 (February 7, 2017)

Tuesday, I have schedule for teaching in mathayomsuksa 5/4 class. although this week was no longer teaching practice but Ms Manisa asked me to teach at 5/4 while delivering a farewell. This week is a week filled with sadness at having to part with the students so well and the teachers are very friendly. where there is a meeting that is where there is separation. After school I went with other friends to Nong Khai to buy souvenirs we were invited by Ev, Ev is the aya buddy at school. he is very well willing to take us there. Thanks Ev.

When Went Nong Khai

Nong Khai

Farewell Massage 

Farewell with Mathayomsuksa 5/4

Nong Khai

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 22)

Reflection (February 6, 2017)

Monday. This is the last Monday in udon thani for us. Does not feel Inshaa Allah next Monday we were in aou town and perform usual activities. This Monday ms manisa asked me to teach again in Mathayomsuksa 5/3 class while delivering a farewell message for students in 5/3 class, sad to part with them.

When The Last Teaching

Mathayomsuksa 5/3

Yasinta Birthday

So Happy With Them

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 21)

Weekend (February 5, 2017)

Day last week for us, sad to have to leave this town. Today I was invited by itto for go to Nong Khai with his mentor and febi. Nong Khai province is located on the border of Thailand and Laos. In Nong Khai we visit the supermarket, this is where we shop for souvenirs for our friends and family who were in Indonesia. after to center souvenirs at Nang Khai, teacher tutors itto take us to the na Kha. Na Kha is central souvenirs located in the border Udon Thani province and Nong Khai province. Goods in Na Kha does not vary much with the items in Nong Khai, but judging from the price at Na Kha less expensive than Nong Khai. After shopping for souvenirs for our friends in Indonesia we also return to the dorm and get some rest for tomorrow. Although activity in the last week is the reflection but we still come to school. This day one of us has a birthday again, she is Yasinta. Yasinta very mature and care, that's why we consider it as our mother. He also has a son. once again happy birthday Yasinta, Thanks for everything.Today we don’t make surprise for Yasinta. because we just know She has a birthday today so planned that tomorrow we will make surprise for her.

Nang Khai

Together with into mentor

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 20)

Ban Chiang Museum and Lotus Lake (February 4, 2017)

Weekend, Saturday is the day that we always wait. on this day we were visiting the lotus lake is so beautiful, Museum Ban Chiang , and to walking streat. yuhuuuuuuu

Lotus lake

Ban Chiang Museum

Ban Chiang Museum

Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake

Ban Chiang Museum

Ban Chiang Museum

Ban Chiang Museum

Walking Street

Special my shoot. 5555

Sea Teacher 3rd Batch (Day 19)

The Fourth Day For Teaching (February 3, 2017)

Last day for teach. today I teach just one period in Mathayomsuksa 5/4 class and today one of our birthdays. Isyfania birthday 21st in today. So to celebrate the birthday of isyfan, we are cooking  special food from Indonesia is soto for celebrate this happy day of our friends. happy birthday isyfania.

Mathayomsuksa 5/4

When Teaching

Isyfania Birthday

Special food for us 

When Teaching